Not by the Hair of my Chinny Chin Chin, Part 2

When I was first trying to decide what type of site I'd prefer, I was torn. There are advantages to sites in the middle of nowhere and advantages to ones that are closer to civilization. I've come to love my half in and half out site, a state of being that is reflected accurately in the build of my house. Half modern and half custom, my house represents the constant state of imbalance that Vanuatu teeters on; one foot in the globalized world, and one foot in the very core of tradition.

*I'd like to note that in my previous entry I mentioned my roof is made of banana tree leaves. As a testemant to my phenominal journalism skills, this was very wrong. It's actually made from the Natangora tree leaves. I apologize for the inaccuracy.

Slicing bamboo into strips that are still attached to one another allows them to flatten and be woven together

Splitting the bamboo in half

Weaving the bamboo walls

One wall goes up!

More weaving

A lot of bamboo needed slicing

Slicing up bamboo with varying amounts of success.

Rest a little... a lot.

The bottom was woven before being put in, the top was woven into place

Picking up sand from the beach to make the cement, while mama roasts cooking bananas on the beach

Digging up the toilet

Resting a little... again

Making more thatch out of Natangora tree leaves for the toilet roof

Resting a little... again, again.

Cement making for the floor, finally!

The Monday after a big meeting, 32 adults and 10 pikinini showed up to work on my house

The food some of the girls made for the 42 people was served on leaves, of course.

Natangora trees. These kind of trees are responsible for my houses roof

Fixing the gap in the roof

Hiding from a torrential downpour

The window screens being installed by my Papa

And up goes the inside wall


The toilet has structure...

And a door!

My standing fireplace

My mama with the kitchen she designed

The last of the cement goes in

Resting a little... again, and again, and again

And the door is on!

The calico decorating my walls is sea turtle themed

This is where all my many letters will go. I have at least 4 squares worth already. Help me fill it, please and thank you :)

6 weeks and a lot of crankyness later, I thought my sister hated my guts. This week she texted me that the room was cold without me in it. What a trooper

Finis noia.